• Bruce Sherman

Partner Channel Tip: Employ Empathy

As you go about building your partner program and developing an enablement strategy remember to do one very critical thing, employ empathy.

The partners are businesses, like yours. They have revenue goals and growth objectives. They have business challenges and competitors. Your solutions are not the only solutions that they sell to their customers. You are not the only tech vendor looking to them to resell their stuff. They can’t give you the amount of attention that you feel they should.

Be empathetic to the realities of how these businesses operate. Start by constructing a comprehensive ideal partner profile (IPP) that outlines the characteristics of your target partner. Leverage that IPP as the nucleus to build your partner program structure so that your partners can more manageably adopt it. Encourage empathy as part of the core culture in your partner channel operations. The extra efforts spent in better understanding your partners’ business and the challenges they face will go a long way in building stronger relationships. This, in turn, will not only result in higher rates of active revenue-generating partners but also helps to build on their support in helping you meet your business goals.

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