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Partner Channel Tip: You’ve Got to Keep Them Separated

The strategies of taking B2B technology solutions to market direct versus through a channel (indirect), are very fundamentally different. This is why, if your business strategy is to maintain both routes to market, it is best to delineate dedicated resources for each. This is especially true when it comes to allocating staff for sales and sales operations, marketing, support, and customer success.

When members of your team are being asked to bifurcate their roles between your direct and channel business, there is a higher chance that they are less effective in delivering for either. The differences in execution methodologies, mindset, and best practices are too substantial and often require specialized skill sets. So, as soon as it’s operationally and economically feasible, assign dedicated resources to your channel program for the best results. Make it a point to seek out staffing talent that has previous channel experience when possible or actively support the development of your direct business team to become your channel champions.

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