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Nisha Parikh


Nisha has over 15 years of proven success in marketing, business strategy, customer success, and sales management. She’s held leadership roles with organizations such as Wells Fargo, United Capital, Concierge Key Health, AccessElite, Overhaul, and Poppins Health.

Nisha has built marketing teams from the ground up leading up to 20 employees and taking post-seed organizations from $0 - $10M in revenue in the SMB, Mid-market, and Enterprise markets.

In 2020, Nisha sold her first company, SDRDefenders, a community focused on the growth and education of sales professionals. Nisha is an angel investor and board member to various startups in technology, community-driven organizations, sports entertainment, and healthcare.

Nisha’s superpower is helping organizations find their north star to success all while building efficient and effective go-to-market motions. Only through intentional focus and direction can businesses and individuals alike truly succeed.

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