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Go-to-Market Alignment Driving Revenue


Fortune 500 VAR/MSP

  • Vertical revenue growth was flat

  • Initiatives had low conversion

  • Marketing and Sales teams focused on vendor-driven content and product features

  • Sales and marketing were extremely siloed

  • Increased marketing and sales collaboration – acted as one team with same goals

  • Developed buyer personas for each vertical

  • Created content strategy aligned to buyer personas and market drivers

  • Created marketing and sales campaigns with new positioning

  • Adjusted sales training to align to new approach

  • Increased pipeline by 281% in 6 months and 364% year-over-year

  • Closed 93% of annual revenue goal in 6 months

  • 74% of 300+ sales and marketing professionals saw improved collaboration 

  • 89% of the same group saw improved communication

"From extensive, personal experience, I can attest that MJ will help any organization (regardless of how complex) close the chasms that invariably exist between sales, marketing, and target customers. I heartily recommend her to any organization committed to driving change across its sales & marketing culture or external market presence."

- Director of Sales