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Simplifying Go-to-Market: Enablement

Enablement factors take into account your ability to provide your organization with what it needs to sell and support your product and/or service. Below, we give a brief overview of four components of go-to-market that make up this category.

Sales Methodology & Alignment

The use of market knowledge to help sales align their selling process to the way the market wants to buy. Typically, internal documentation that is shared with all revenue-generating functions and is incorporated into enablement. Requires refinement with insights from portfolio planning.


Strategy, development, and execution of relevant content aligned to segments, personas, and the buyer and customer journey and to be used for all go-to-market channels and materials. Requires refinement with insights from internal & external factors, company focus, and portfolio planning, and should be incorporated into revenue programs and enablement.

Sales & Marketing Tools

The implementation and integration of sales and marketing tools (technology, processes, documentation) to be leveraged by employees focused on a specific step of the buyer and customer journey. Requires refinement with insights from portfolio planning and internal team interviews.


The design and delivery of training programs to help internal and external channels focus on how to effectively sell the product and/or services, not how to use or consume it. Should include insights from internal & external factors, company focus, portfolio planning, and revenue programs. Effectiveness is typically measured through internal interviews and surveys as well as onboarding time.